The expansion of knowledge in cataract, has been truly remarkable, as evidenced by the advances and new body of literature. With the glued IOL and intrascleral haptic fixation techniques, secondary IOL implantation has gone to another level. The focus of this textbook has been not so much to express one point of view on the science and handling the secondary IOL fixation, but rather to present a balanced view that is pertinent. The goal was to create a clinically based book and an academic reference that would serve to bring the explosion of new techniques and therapeutic interventions to doctors in trenches who see such patients. This book is non-traditional in several ways. Photos, illustrations and tables are sprinkled liberally throughout the book where appropriate. The book is divided into four sections. An Interactive DVD showcasing surgeries has also been impregnated into this book.

Key Features:-

  • Extensive coverage of the history of glued IOL and its evolution
  • Technique of glued IOL
  • Modifications of glued IOL and its application
  • Nuances of the surgery
  • Interactive DVD with recorded videos which highlight the method and give complete description of the
  • In short, this is a book that every ophthalmologist should have in his/her armamentarium. It is load

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General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2014