Grobs Basic Electronics, published in 2010, is now in its tenth edition. It comprehensively covers all the basic concepts of Electronics. It also explains topics related to troubleshooting. Undergraduate students who have just started their engineering course will find this text very useful. The book begins with an introduction to the powers of 10. This section teaches readers to mathematically deal with numbers that are presented in the powers of 10 notation. It is followed by thirty-three chapters, the first one being Electricity. In this new edition, the previously named Direct-Current Meters chapter has now been titled Analog and Digital Multimeters. New information related to digital multimeters has been added, whereas the coverage of analog multimeters has been reduced. In the chapter Batteries, many new topics have been introduced as various developments in battery technology have taken place. The author has rewritten the last seven chapters of this book. Some of these include Bipolar Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors, and Operational Amplifiers. With the theory, Schultz has also weaved in many examples as well as problems. Each chapter starts off with a list of important terms that are mentioned in the upcoming topics. Their definitions are given at the end of each chapter. Each section has practice questions based on the subject material covered. This tests how much the readers have understood. Tips covered in the Good to Know feature help students learn how to solve problems. In addition to this, a feature called Knowledge-Check Problems has also been included. A total of 3258 questions have been incorporated into this textbook.

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Publish YearJanuary 2014