More Details about Growth Promoters in Poultry: Novel Concepts (HB)

General Information  
Author(s)Panda A K
Publish YearJanuary 2008


The food poultry origin such as eggs and meat supply high quality and readily digested protein and energy and are also a compact source of readily-available micrnutrients. Thus, the economc and nutritional demands of our modern society for food from poultry necessitate the raising of poultry under intensive production system in densely-populated colonies or flocks, which resulted in stress. Under such circumstances, anti-microbail feed additives such as anitbiotics are often used ot suppress or elminate harmful mcroorganisms in the intestine and to improve growht ad feed efficiency. However, one major aspect of food production and safety today is the reduction in teh use of anitbiotics and other medicinal products in the poultry production largely ude to fears over bacterial resistance and possible transmission of these antibiotic residues into the human food chain. On the other hand there are increasing demands to improve feed hygiene, to maintain poultry health and welfare, and to reduce the environmental impct of poultry production.