Learners will master the skills necessary to launch and complete a successful computer investigation with the updated fourth edition of this popular book, Guide to Computer Forensics and investigations. This resource guides readers through conducting a high-tech investigation, from acquiring digital evidence to reporting its findings. Updated coverage includes new software and technologies as well as up-to-date reference sections. Learn how to set up a forensics lab, how to acquire the proper and necessary tools and how to conduct the investigation and subsequent digital analysis. The book features free downloads of the latest forensic software, so readers can become familiar with the tools of the trade.

Key Features:-

  • Step-by-Step Explanations: Provides explanations on how to use the most popular forensic tools.
  • Extensive Learning Tools: Review Questions, Hands-On Projects and Case Projects that allow readers t
  • Expanded discussion on Microsoft NTFS and MFT.
  • Advance NTFS data carving techniques.
  • Updated tools and applications references for the computing forensics examiner.
  • Updated reference sections for computing forensics resources.

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General Information  
Author(s)Bill Nelson and Amelia Phillips
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearMarch 2013