The evolution of computers and the internet has led to evolutions in cyber crime. This book aims to countermeasure the attacks and protect the users. The book offers practical advice to improve the security of Microsoft products and discusses the latest countermeasures in Vista, Windows XP, and Server 2003/2008. The book catalogues the biggest threats faced by Windows. It surveys the Windows security landscape and explores the workings of Windows security measures and attacks. The book is divided into 12 sections. It focuses on Information Security Basics, Hacking Microsoft Client Apps, Windows Security Features and Tools, Footprinting and Scanning, Physical Attacks and Windows Security Checklist. The book also covers The Windows Security Architecture from the Hacker's Perspective, Discovering and Exploiting Windows Vulnerabilities, and Hacking Microsoft Client Apps. It is inclusive of the Windows Security Checklist and information About the Companion Website. Each of the chapters include a Summary, References and Further Reading. Password Cracking, Remote Interactive Control, Secure Startup, Guessing Passwords, and Cryptography is discussed. Offline and Online Attacks, Basic Windows Hardening, Denial of Service Considerations, Active Directory Enumeration, and Critical Defensive Strategies are also discussed by the authors. The book establishes business relevance and context for security by highlighting the risks of the real-world. It exposes the old and new vulnerabilities that can easily be avoided and explains how hackers use reconnaissance techniques such as Scanning, Footprinting, Banner Grabbing, and DNS queries to spot vulnerable Windows systems. It also explains how we can identify and eliminate malware, rootkits, and stealth software. The authors also detail how we can configure and deploy the latest Windows security measures like Vista Service Refactoring/Hardening, BitLocker, Integrity Levels, Group Policy, the updated Windows Firewall, User Account Cont


General Information  
Author(s)SCAMBRAY and JOEL
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2007