More Details about Handbook Of Photochemistry And Photobiology, 4 Vol. Set

General Information  
Author(s)Nalwa H S
Publish YearJune 2003


Editor Hari Singh Nalwa (president of American Scientific Publishers, and a prolific author, editor, scientist, and inventor) presents 45 chapters written by contributors from 15 countries and divided into four thematic volumes: inorganic photochemistry, organic photochemistry, supramolecular photochemistry, and photobiology. Together they decribe recent research on the properties, processes, and applications of natural and synthetic photosensitive inorganic, organic, and biological materials currently being studied in academic and industrial research. Topics include dye-desensitized solar cells; microlithography and sensor applications; molecular beam photochemistry of group-14 organometallic precursors; photoimaging and antibacterial activities; epoxy resins and their chemical structures; photochemistry of fullerences and fullerene-based materials; photochemistry of drugs; laser transfer of organic materials; photomechanical responses in photochromic molecular films; photorefractive polymers and liquid crystals; fluorescence studies of supramolecular host-guest inclusion complexes; and photodynamic therapy for tumor destruction as well as for treatment and photodetection in gastroenterology, chloroplast biogenesis and gene expression. The handbook is intended for a wide audience, incl.