More Details about Handbook of Communication Models, Perspectives, Strategies

General Information  
Author(s)Uma Narula
Publish YearJanuary 2006


New ideas, new models of communications and newer perspectives through which communication has been studied, applied, or practiced, have evolved and changed overtime. But they all exist in juxtaposition so as to present an integrated scenario of communications per se in 2000 decades. In the book, seven salient perspectives are presented—all intertwined as a Communication Perspective. A few Communication scenarios are highlighted to address the contextual significance of the seven perspectives. We foresee that the seven perspectives from which we have analyzed communications per se may undergo several changes. The changes may occur when particular perspective’s scope is widened. The change may occur due to changes in modalities of communications, both people-oriented and technology-oriented. New communication technologies may come up. Along with this, newer needs and demands may turn up; social attitudes and values may also change. In 2000 decades, the communication scholars, teachers and trainers, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and educators look forward to an integrated communication scenario for people, society and governance. The book is unique in presenting such perspectives to all those who deal in diverse areas of communications and focus on the critical issues of development, culture, globalization and information technology etc., in different world societies. Presentation of Communication from seven diverse perspectives, its associated models and the communication strategies in the book are the product of authors’ four decades of association with Communication, discipline in theory and practice and publishing widely the same in the areas of development, culture and information technology. The author’s communication researches in diverse communication areas, from diverse perspectives and in different geo areas have provided depth in presenting the evolutionary view of communication in cohesive and understandable pattern.