A unique, state-of-the art, interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis in psychology and medicine This is the only up-to-date, comprehensive interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis research and applications in psychology and medicine. Authored by hypnosis experts worldwide, it encompasses state-of-the-art scholarship and techniques for hypnotic treatments along with hypnosis transcripts and case examples for all major psychological disorders and medical conditions. In easily understandable language, this desk reference addresses theories, neurophysiology of hypnosis, hypnotherapy screening, measurement of hypnotizability, professional issues, and ethics. Individual chapters present hypnotic inductions to treat 70 disorders including anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems, phobias, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal hot flashes, Parkinson's disease, palliative care, tinnitus, addictions, and a multitude other common complaints. The guide also examines the history and foundations of hypnosis, myths and misconceptions, patient screening, dealing with resistance, and precautions to the use of hypnosis. It examines a variety of hypnotherapy systems ranging from hypnotic relaxation therapy to hypnoanalysis. With each application the text includes relevant research, specific induction techniques, and an illustrative case example. Additionally the resource covers professional issues, certification, hypnosis in the hospital, and placebo effects. Key Features: * Presents state-of-the art hypnosis research and applications for a wide range of psychological and medical disorders* Encompasses information on 70 disorders with relevant research, intervention techniques, and case examples * Authored by an international cadre of experts * Provides an interdisciplinary perspective of both the mental health and medical communities* Addresses certification, ethics, and other professional issues

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Author(s)Gary R Elkins
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearAugust 2016