More Details about Handbook of Optimisation Methods in Operations Research and Systems Analysis (2 Volumes)

General Information  
Author(s)Luigi Cirocco and Martin Belusko
PublisherAuris Reference Limited
Publish YearFebruary 2016


Optimisation techniques extensively is operations research. Operations research also uses stochastic modeling and simulation to support improved decision-making. Increasingly, operations research uses stochastic programming to model dynamic decisions that adapt to events; such problems can be solved with large-scale optimisation and stochastic optimisation methods. The mathematical aspects of operations research and systems analysis concerned with optimisation of objectives form the subject of this handbook. In this handbook, discussion on linear programming has been expanded and recast with greater emphasis on duality theory, sensitivity analysis, multi-objective and goal programming and formulation and solution of practical problems. Chapters on non-linear programming, a chapter on theory of games is also included. The handbook keeps in view the needs of the student taking a regular course in operations research or mathematical programming, and also of research scholars in other disciplines that have a limited objective of learning the practical aspects of various optimisation methods to solve their special problems. This handbook discusses various optimisation techniques and can be used profitably as a good text by Mathematics, engineering students.