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Author(s)Ionut Florescu
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2013


THE COMPLETE COLLECTION NECESSARY FOR A CONCRETE UNDERSTANDING OF PROBABILITY. Written in a clear, accessible, and comprehensive manner, the Handbook of Probability presents the fundamentals of probability with an emphasis on the balance of theory, application, and methodology. Utilizing basic examples throughout, the handbook expertly transitions between concepts and practice to allow readers an inclusive introduction to the field of probability. The book provides a useful format with self–contained chapters, allowing the reader easy and quick reference. Each chapter includes an introduction, historical background, theory and applications, algorithms, and exercises. The Handbook of Probability offers coverage of: Probability Space Probability Measure Random Variables Random Vectors in R n Characteristic Function Moment Generating Function Gaussian Random Vectors Convergence Types Limit Theorems The Handbook of Probability is an ideal resource for researchers and practitioners in numerous fields, such as mathematics, statistics, operations research, engineering, medicine, and finance, as well as a useful text for graduate students.