More Details about Handbook on Internal Auditing (with FREE Download of Practical Information), 5th Edition

General Information  
PublisherBharat Law House Pvt Ltd
Publish YearApril 2016


Chapter 1            Auditing — Nature and Basic Concepts

Chapter 2            Internal Audit under Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 3            Preparation for an Audit

Chapter 4            Internal Control

Chapter 5            Audit in CIS Environment

Chapter 6            Risk and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) — An Introduction

Chapter 7            Establishing Risk Strategy

Chapter 8            Undertaking Risk Assessments

Chapter 9            Engagement Letter

Chapter 10          Internal Audit and Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order

Chapter 11          Internal Audit and Corporate Governance

Chapter 12          Internal Control Questionnaire

Chapter 13          Internal Audit Checklists

Chapter 14          Internal Audit Report

Chapter 15          Management and Operational Audit

Chapter 16          Investigations

Chapter 17          Other Aspects in Internal Audit

Chapter 18          Guidance Notes on Auditing Aspects

Chapter 19          Summary of all the Engagement and Quality Control Standards

Chapter 20          ICAI Guidance Note on Internal Financial Controls over Financial Reporting

Chapter 21          Standards on Quality Control and Assurance Engagements

Chapter 22          Gist of Accounting Standards

Chapter 23          Code of Ethics

Chapter 24          Miscellaneous Internal Audits

Chapter 25          Illustrative Audit Programmes

Chapter 26          Appendices

Chapter 27          Amendments proposed by the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016