The goal of this book is to convey the underlying principles and practical information on modern techniques of Unilateral External Fixation System.The first part of the book covers the principles of unilateral corrective techniques in external fixation and includes detailed descriptions of the actual surgical techniques. Postoperative care, management of potential difficulties, and complications are also described. The second part of the book is composed of 45 case reports, demonstrating the use of the Heidelberg System in a wide variety of specific congenital and posttraumatic conditions. This section uses before-and-after radiographs and line drawings of how the external fixation equipment is applied to show the benefits of the technique. Indications and therapy, as well as special points unique to each type of case are described. Tips are provided where appropriate.

More Details about Heidelberg External Fixation Unilateral Fixation Techniques in Limb Deformity Corrections 1st Edition

General Information  
PublisherThieme Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 1997