The present book endeavours to integrate different sub-divisions of anatomy to enable students of anatomy to learn all the relevant aspects of a topic like osteology soft parts development and clinical application at the same time since they have been dealt with exhaustively. It is a common knowledge that bone carries our anatomy and forms its central part. As such each topic begins with a brief description of the skeletal framework of the region followed by the description of the surrounding soft parts. The study of soft parts does not merely lie in parroting of relations of structures but it essentially relies on visualization of parts and regions based on dissection and diagrams. Anatomy if not understood in its proper perspective and only memorised in parts tends to be forgotten. Anatomy per se is a visual science and the best method of visual recall of structural interrelationship are simple diagrams. Line diagrams which can be easily reproduced constitute an important feature of the book. Besides this book is profusely illustrated with 422 diagrams to serve as the readers delight. Every mutual relationship of soft structures has been explained by well-placed diagrams.

More Details about Human Anatomy:Head Neck & BrainVolume 3

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Author(s)A Halim
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2008