In altogether 11 chapters of the concise handy textbook, Human Genetics, an endeavor has been made to supplement each chapter with global current trends in the development of different areas of genetics. This book is primarily meant for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are aspiring to hit the bull's eye in national as well as international level examinations. Professionals in the field of genetics will also find the information exciting the most up-to-date. This book has been written with an assumption that readers will be familiar with the basic definitions of chromosomes and genes, therefore, some basic aspects of the genetics have been intentionally avoided as they are too well known to the students of biology. A question section has been written to familiarize novices with some basic aspects of the topic under discussion. Italicized terms in the text are explained in the Glossary section. Key Concepts with each chapter head provide the idea about the topics that are dealt in length with the chapter. Snippets section bifurcated into two parts comprises correct application of few biological terms and twelve novel research findings. In addition to the standard diagrams, cartoons have been drawn to mix science with fun.

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PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2006