More Details about Human Service Internship Gettingmost From Your Experience

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Author(s)Pamela Myers Kiser
Publish YearJanuary 2011


Integrating theory with real-world practice, "The Human Services Internship: Getting the Most from Your Experience, International Edition" helps students make meaningful connections between classroom learning and their own field experiences through ongoing reflection, analysis, and exercises. This workbook-formatted text reviews and updates basic information that is useful to students in human service field programs. An excellent tool for self-assessment and analysis, the text intersperses exercises through each chapter to engage students in thinking about how the material being discussed relates to their own experiences. There is a unique six-step model - that students are encouraged to use throughout their field experience - that guides students in enhancing self-awareness, integrating the knowledge and values of the profession, recognizing challenging and dissonant situations, decision-making, and follow-through. Chapters on getting started, ethics, cultural diversity, communication, self-care, and other topics help students maximize their learning from experience. Covering information from the beginning to the end of an internship, the text helps students analyze different experiences and situations they encounter on a daily basis in their field work.