Veteran ad man A G Krishnamurthys life story reads like a fairy tale come true! Colorfully detailed and peppered with surprising twists and turns, the narrative sweeps across three wide canvases. On the surface, this can be just another story of an ordinary small town boy who made it big despite the odds. It is the authors gentle humour and the almost self-deprecating story-telling style that make all the difference. A fascinating life journey, the read becomes all the more engrossing because AGK (as he is fondly known) is the creator of two of the countrys most respected advertising institutions Mudra and MICA and he makes these monumental feats seem so achievable by anybody anywhere. Passionately arguing that dreams are achievable, he takes the reader by the hand as he presents his story, not shying away from listing the consequences, good and bad, of every decision made and every road not taken. Accidental or otherwise, he also has an insiders view of history in the making: from the unique Nagarjunakonda Museum to the amazing Calico Museum of Textiles to the shaping of Reliance to creating history on his own.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2013