General Information  
Author(s)Series Editors Juan A Garcia Velasco and Manish Banker and Editor Rohit Gutgutia
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearOctober 2016


The layout of chapters is beautifully arranged starting with basics of human reproduction, very practical aspects like history taking and clinical examination to rather rarely discussed issues on receptivity of endometrium and genetics. Evaluation and investigative details of ovarian function, tubal factor and mechanical issues have been discussed in a very academic, yet lucid, manner. Since the gynecologist’s role is there as a first-level andrologist also, the issues in the male factor have been in earnest details. Lastly, the chapter on treatment of infertility has been dealt in a masterly manner. Key Features This handbook on investigating infertility is a concise treatise of considerable use to the practicing gynaecologists. It has been able to cover a large part of what constitutes essential knowledge when it comes to the initial investigation, and when treatment planning for the trying-to-conceive couple is concerned. It also covers the history taking and general examination for both the partners in due detail. Furthermore, it takes up factor-specific investigations and planning. Some of the newer concepts like endometrial receptivity and its diagnosis have been covered nicely. Similarly, the newer semen analysis guidelines have been explained in the context of the older guidelines so that decision-maing is easier for the clinician regarding the management of the male. Author had also explained the genetics of infertility in a lucid language keeping the explosion of knowledge in this sphere. On the whole, this handbook is well-timed treatise, combining what is classically accepted knowledge with the newer advances in the field of reproductive medicine. Hopefully, it shall be well received in the hands of the fellow clinicians.