Information Technology: The Breaking Wave is intended for the Introductory Computing course at community colleges, four year colleges, universities, and proprietary institutions. The market for shorter concepts books, like Curtin, is growing as faculty struggle to spend more time on applications without increased contact hours. Key features Innovative two-page spread design creates a visually appealing and concise book. Each spread begins with a short introduction of the concept, followed by panels of text description. These panels are usually tied into one or more illustrations and prove easier to digest than full pages of text. Students will find this makes for an interesting, readable and concise text. PACE (Program Assisted Computer Education)CD-ROM adds depth and illustration to text discussions with video clips, animations, computer screen captures and interactive simulations. This is perhaps the first product in the market with a multimedia component that was envisioned from the inception to accompany the text. PACE gives instructors maximum flexibility, allowing them to choose the right amount of coverage. Internet "Tours" developed for each chapter take students to relevant web information, further enhancing the multimedia learning experience. Like PACE, the Internet component was developed from the start to correspond with the text. Separate chapters on Communications, the Internet, and Multimedia respond to the market demands for coverage of the latest technologies and currency in a constantly changing area.


General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2009