More Details about Igenetics: A Molecular Approach 3rd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Peter J Russell
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2016


With its modern chapter organization and new "Focus on Genomics" boxes, iGenetics: A Molecular Approach reflects the increasing molecular emphasis in today's experimental study of genes while helping students develop problem-solving skills and an appreciation for classic experiments. Although molecular topics are presented first, instructors can assign the chapters in any sequence.Pedagogical features such as chapter-opening "Key Questions" and strategically placed "Keynotes" help students to efficiently master genetic concepts. The Genetics Place Companion Website contains interactive iActivities and narrated animations that help students visualize and understand processes and concepts that are illustrated in the text." Salient Features Modern chapter organization covers all major areas of genetics, balancing molecular and classical aspects to give students an integrated view of genetic principles. The text's inquiry-based approach engages students in the process of science. Step-by-step examples of problem solving throughout the book represent a wide range of topics and difficulty levels. Pedagogy: Key Questions, appear at the beginning of each chapter, focus student attention in advance on the major concepts within their reading. Keynotes, strategically placed throughout the chapter, summarize important ideas and allow students to check their progress. Summary Sections at the end of each chapter reinforce main ideas. Analytical Approaches to Solving Genetics Problems at the end of each chapter guides students step-by-step through the process of solving genetic problems. An extensive set of Questions and Problems at the end of each chapter, accompanied by selected solutions at the back of the book, allow students to apply their new knowledge through homework assignments or independent study. Numerous examples of human genetic diseases help students understand the growing importance of molecular medicine. The Genetics Place Website provides an online learning environment that includes activities with follow-up questions; narrated animations, and practice quizzes that can be graded and recorded in the instructor's grade book. A syllabus manager and a grade book function are provided as instructor resources."