INDIA’S CONSTITUTION –ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION (CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY DEBATES, LOK SABHA DEBATES ON CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS AND SUPREME COURT JUDGMENTS) VOL 6: Articles 124 to 151, 214, 215 & 221 (Union Judiciary, Contempt Jurisdiction, Comptroller & Auditor-General) S Pal India’s Constitution - Origins and Evolution is a multi-volume series providing exhaustive article-wise analysis of the Constitution of India. Volume 6 of the series covers Articles 124 to 151, 214, 215 & 221 on the Union Judiciary, Contempt Jurisdiction and Comptroller and Auditor-General of India. The overview on each Article comprises of author’s expert comments on the evolution of the constitutional provision in a nutshell. It consists of the extracts of the Constituent Assembly Debates, significant Supreme Court decisions and Parliamentary Debates on the Amending Acts. The introduction briefly explains the genesis & evolution of the Constitution and Reading the Book describes the unique treatment and arrangement in the series. The book is indispensable for Law practitioners; Judges – Supreme Court, High Courts & Trial Courts; Law Firms; National & State Judicial Academies; Court and Parliament Libraries; and Academicians & Research Scholars.

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General Information  
Author(s)Samaraditya Pal
PublisherLexis Nexis
Edition1st Edition 2016
Publish YearApril 2016