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Indian Economy Principles Policies And Processes 1st Edition 2020 by Srirangam Sri Ram, PEARSON INDIA

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    Author(s)Srirangam Sri Ram
    PublisherPEARSON INDIA
    Publish YearJanuary 2020


    PEARSON INDIA Indian Economy Principles Policies And Processes 1st Edition 2020 by Srirangam Sri Ram

    "Economics is an interesting subject when simplified. Often students are not at home with the subject because of dearth of story-telling economics. That explains why you have this book in your hands. This book is an outcome of threadbare discussions with tens of thousands of students appearing for the Civil Services Examination. The book has a strong conventional and conceptual foundations, thereby it is meant to be the base book for covering economics for all competitive examinations in the country-particularly, the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This book addresses the needs of the aspirants completely as per the new UPSC trend as it makes concepts amply clear at the basic level covers facts in the most updated manner connects them dynamically to the current developments roots them in the Indian context and links them with the world." Table of Content CHAPTER-1 ECONOMY AND ECONOMICS CHAPTER-2 ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ITS MEASURES CHAPTER-3 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: ALTERNATIVE MEASURES CHAPTER-4 PLANNED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND NITI AAYOG CHAPTER-5 FIVE TRILLION DOLLAR ECONOMY CHAPTER-6 FISCAL POLICY CHAPTER-7 MONETARY AND CREDIT POLICY CHAPTER-8 MONEY MARKET AND CAPITAL MARKET IN INDIA: INSTRUMENTS AND DYNAMICS CHAPTER-9 STOCK MARKET CHAPTER-10 INFLATION: CONCEPTS, FACTS AND POLICY CHAPTER-11 TAXATION CHAPTER-12 BANKING SYSTEM IN INDIA CHAPTER-13 PUBLIC SECTOR: EVOLUTION, REFORMS AND PERFORMANCE CHAPTER-14 FOREIGN TRADE CHAPTER-15 FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT CHAPTER-16 BALANCE OF PAYMENTS CHAPTER-17 INDIAN AGRICULTURE CHAPTER-18 INFRASTRUCTURE-I CHAPTER-19 INFRASTRUCTURE-II CHAPTER-20 POVERTY: CONCEPTS, DATA, POLICY AND ANALYSIS CHAPTER-21 POVERTY ERADICATION AND RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS (RCTS) CHAPTER-22 ECONOMIC INEQUALITY CHAPTER-23 EMPLOYMENT, SKILLS AND LABOUR IN INDIA CHAPTER-24 GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARCHITECTURE CHAPTER-25 BRETTON WOODS INSTITUTIONS: INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) CHAPTER-26 BRETTON WOODS INSTITUTIONS: WORLD BANK GROUP CHAPTER-27 WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO) -I CHAPTER-28 WTO AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" Salient Features: Helpful aide for Prelim and Main examination Supplemented with related suitable graphs and images Includes significant segments of latest Economic Survey Difficult concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language