The progress of Indian Railway since Independence has book a remarkable phenomenon. This book image bring bout in a graphic and picturesque manner the development of this popular mode of transport which has linked distant places in the sub-continent. The author explains why the Railway and Railway property should be considered as your invaluable national wealth to be guarded with scrupulous Care. 

M.A. Rao (1909-1993) acquired his degree in engineering from Roorkee before the Railways. In 1984, he became General Manager of the Railways. After holding various responsible positions her retired in 1967 as a member of Railway Board. In 1961-69, he was Chairman, Engineers India Ltd. He was a member of various international bodies and a frequent contributor of articles to technical journals. 

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General Information  
Author(s)M A Rao
PublisherNational Book Trust
Edition6th Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2015