More Details about Inorganic Chemistry

General Information  
Author(s)B Sivasankar
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2013


Designed for a comprehensive course on inorganic chemistry, this textbook meets the academic requirements of undergraduate courses in Indian universities. The book introduces readers to the basics of the subject before progressing to advanced topics and techniques. The theory is asserted by adequate illustrations and the essence of each concept is driven home with conspicuous examples that make this book an ideal companion for students. Salient Features • Elucidation of the preparation and structures of inorganic solids • Compares classical and modern approaches to atomic structure, the periodic table and the coordinate bond • Over 600 illustrations and 450 end-of-chapter review questions • Significant experimental methods interspersed with theory for practical understanding. • Chapters on biological inorganic chemistry and nanomaterials can be accessed at