More Details about Insects Of Stored Products

General Information  
Author(s)David Rees
PublisherSBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2008


Insect infestations in grains and other stored food and fibre products cause annual losses worth many millions of dollars worldwide. This Illustrated guide enable specialists and non-specialists to distinguish the major pests of durable stored products found throughout the world. It describes how to identity each pest group of species and summarises the latest information on their biology, ecology, geographical distribution, the damage they cause and their economic importance. Hundreds of colour photographs Illustrate the identifying features of the most important beeties, moths, psocids, bugs and wasps found in stored products. Essential details on inspection and trapping are included to aid in the early detection of infestations, allowing more time to plan and undertake effective pest control. An extensive bibliography provides a convenient entry point to the specialized literature on these insects. This concise yet comprehensive reference is an essential tool for people responsible for the storage and handling of dried durable products of plant and animal origin worldwide. About Author : David Rees is a post-harvest entomologist with CSIRO. He has more than 20 years' experience working on the biology, behaviour, control and distribution of stored product insects in a wide range of storage systems from subsistence agriculture to the most modern bulk handling systems.