Inside The JAVA 2 Virtual Machine is a guide to teach readers how to write better codes, and understand the the functionings of Java Virtual Machines (JVM). The book starts off with explanations about Java's architecture. It then moves onto a discussion about the meaning of platform independence, and the steps required to get it completed. Readers are given a description of the security model built into Java's core architecture, which then moves on to details about new paradigms of network-mobile softwares. The focus of Inside The JAVA 2 Virtual Machine gradually shifts towards technical explanations of the workings of JVMs. It covers topics such as Java class files, unloading of classes, Java's linking model, and garbage collection. A chapter on thread synchronization shows readers how to write thread-safe Java code. The book is an amalgamation of text, illustrations, tutorials, figures, working examples, and reference material. It can be used as a guide to learn about JVMs or can be used as a source of reference by programmers at all levels. Inside The JAVA 2 Virtual Machine comes with a CD that exposes readers to interactive illustrations of the concepts. These applets help make understanding technically rich descriptions much easier. For those eager to learn about Java, this book is a must buy. With demos on the VD, and detailed technical discussions, it can help readers become more adept at Java programming.

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General Information  
Author(s)VENNERS and BILL
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014