More Details about Integrated Marketing Communication: Creative Strategy From Idea To Implementation

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Author(s)Robyn Blakeman
PublisherPinnacle Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2010


The Transformations in Indian society, economy and polity have gathered momentum since the early 1990s, and are particularly manifested in the national and regional policies. Contemporary India in its interdisciplinary formation is now being increasingly recognized as a significant subject to be understood by not only Indian students but also others who wish to understand india. This, is our opinion, is an opportune moment to present the vast reservoir of the knowledge that attempts to make sense of these changes and to understand their likely impact as india becomes increasingly important as an economic and political entity. Through an interdisciplinary approach students will develop or extend their knowledge and critical understanding of: India’s economy, society and polity as it has been and as it has changed after independence. The relationships between India’s development achievements and her persistent problems. The inter-relationship between caste and class, the catalysts of social change , social mobility and social movements . India’s political system : democracy and multi party system , increasing people’s participation in local governance , institutions of public administration and india’s foreign policy in the era of globalization. Combining the latest academic research with practical approaches to managing a HRM in the workplace , the text is suitable . Cases Studies – more short cases and international cases to illustrate the links from theory to practices and to help students understand real world implications of their studies. The text takes account of the fact that in addition to developing a sound understanding of the relevant underlying ideas, theoretical concepts and matters of professional practice, students at this level s need to develop competency in their practical applications.