Part I: Copyright

Chapter 1       Copyright — An Introduction

Chapter 2       Subject Matter of Copyright

Chapter 3       Authorship and First Ownership

Chapter 4       Term of Copyright

Chapter 5       Assignment of Copyright and Licences

Chapter 6       Copyright Societies

Chapter 7       Related Rights: Rights of Broadcasting Organisations and Performers

Chapter 8       Moral Rights

Chapter 9       Registration of Copyright

Chapter 10     Economic Rights of Owners and Infringement of Copyright

Chapter 11     Defences to Copyright Infringement

Chapter 12     Infringement of Copyright: Jurisdiction and Civil Remedies

Part II: Trademark

Chapter 13     An Introduction to Trademarks

Chapter 14     Deceptive Similarity

Chapter 15     Registrability of Trademarks

Chapter 16     Registration of Trademark

Chapter 17     Rights of Trademark Holder

Chapter 18     Infringement of Registered Trademark and Defences

Chapter 19     Assignment and Transmission

Chapter 20     Rectification and Correction of Register

Chapter 21     Collective Marks and Certification Trademarks

Chapter 22     The Law of Passing Off

Chapter 23     Infringement of Trademark and Passing Off — Jurisdiction and Remedies

Part III: Design

Chapter 24     Designs — An Introduction

Chapter 25     Registrability and Registration of Design

Chapter 26     Copyright In Registered Design

Chapter 27     Piracy of Registered Design and Remedies

Part IV: Patent

Chapter 28     Introduction to Patents

Chapter 29     Patentability

Chapter 30     How to Obtain Patent and its Subsistence

Chapter 31     Compulsory Licencing

Chapter 32     Revocation and Surrender of Patent

Chapter 33     Infringement of Patent

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