Internal Auditing & Information Systems Auditing - Comprehensive guide to Digital Era - 2nd Edition

About the Book
This book aims to provide a strong grounding on background concepts, and essential professional knowledge. It also elucidates practical aspects of conducting an internal audit and managing the audit function – both in-house and out sourced.

Authors have drawn from their academic background to provide lucid explanation of definitions and concepts and explained them with practical examples from their experience. The book is reader centric – it elucidates concepts, processes, techniques in simple language, using tables for easier grasping and practical examples the reader can relate to. Risk and control, the most important concepts for an internal auditor are dealt with extensively from scratch in a practical manner with several examples and practical steps in establishing good control.

An exclusive section on Information Systems audit is added to bridge the knowledge gap commonly on IT risks and audit prevailing among internal auditors. This can be easily followed by readers with only working knowledge of IT. It covers Information System audit in all and its aspects in 22 chapters in simple language.

In order to be effective, Internal Auditors need to keep up to date on IT developments, their uses, draw backs if any, effect on controls and right approach for auditing them. With this in view, apart from other changes, two new chapters have been added in this edition as described below:

1.Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has become common in Indian companies. To equip the Internal Auditor with the capability to review this area, a new chapter explaining the concept and practices ERM in detail with examples from reputed Indian Companies has been added. A comprehensive audit check list for audit of ERM is also included

2.Another area of importance is the emerging IT applications for businesses; some of these are already in use while others are emerging. A new chapter provides overview of these technologies and their uses in business, together with broad approach for such new technologies.

Aim of this book is to provide comprehensive coverage on concepts, tools & techniques and practical aspects of internal audit in simple language to serve as a text for students as well as reference manual for professionals.

The book is structured in three parts as below:

Part one introduces Internal Audit and takes the reader through background knowledge, professional concepts, practices, tools and a walkthrough of an internal audit engagement. A comprehensive coverage of internal audit reporting and management of the function follow.

Part two of the book elucidates the essential knowledge for an aspiring Information Systems Auditor. Starting with IS audit fundamentals it covers the entire spectrum of IT knowledge required to equip an Auditor to perform IS audit, concept of “Enterprises Risk Management” and “emerging IT applications for businesses” have been discussed in detail.

Part three consists of practical, ready to use checklists for audit of different areas of the business and its information systems. Readers can easily adopt them to suit their own professional requirements.

Key Features

• Audit Approach for New IT applications (Big Data, Business analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Social media)

• Detailed coverage on ERM with practical examples from leading companies

• Comprehensive and lucid coverage of Internal Audit and Information Systems Audit

• Extensive coverage of audit processes, planning, and tools/techniques culminating in internal audit engagement

• Guide to familiarise audit teams on technology-based auditing

• Handy checklists for practical auditing of business and Info systems

• Practical guidance on internal audit of key operational areas

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General Information  
Author(s)FCA V Venkataraman And CA N Sankara Narayana Pillai
PublisherWolters Kluwer
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearMay 2018