As a result of the impact of globalisation, increased awareness about human rights and growing concerns about the environment, international law has gained great relevance as a subject of academic study. Every branch of law now acquires an international dimension and every problem has some link with international law. Every attempt has been made to provide signifi cant coverage of contemporary concerns in international law and world affairs • the relation between international law and municipal law and the concept of opposability; • the status of international persons such as the British Commonwealth of Nations, the European Union, the emergence of micro states, territories under trusteeship and the Holy See with emphasis on the sovereignty and inviolability of the Vatican City and • the growing importance of international economic law through various organisations such as the IMF, World Bank, GATT and WTO. This student - friendly textbook takes the student through all the topics included in the curriculum of a fi rst-year degree course of Indian universities, with due emphasis on the emerging international regime of environmental law, human rights and economic law. This book has clarity of analysis, carefully selected materials, systematically arranged topics and a lucid presentation. In addition to a select bibliography, a list of useful websites is given to help the inquisitive student to gain access to more authoritative and original sources. This dependable and up to date textbook will serve the needs of students of law, international relations and political science.

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Author(s)N K Jayakumar
PublisherLexis Nexis
Publish YearJanuary 2005