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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014


CLASSICAL MECHANICS is a lucid introduction to Vectors, Classical Mechanics and Special Theory of Relativity. It give the student a firm grounding for advanced courses on Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Electrodynamics, etc. Apart from covering basic topic like vector Algebra and Analysis, Mechanics of Single and Systems of Particles, and Motin of Rigid Body, it comprehensively discusses Lagrangian Formulation, Hamilton's Equations, Collisions of Particles and Theron of small Oscillations. It contains a systematic treatment of Actions of Particle under different types of Forces and gives a unified approach to Fields and Potentials in inverse Square Law Force Field. Included is an appendix on coordinate System and an extensive Bibliography. The book meets complete requirements of undergraduate and post graduate students. It contains numerous questions and problems at the end of each chapter which should provide an invigorating exercise for the student and teacher.