The second edition of Introduction To Physical Metallurgy by Sidney H. Avner, is useful to learn the basic concepts as well as applications of physical metallurgy. This reference book covers the appropriate introductory course for both engineering students (mechanical and metallurgy) as well as industrial technicians. The first chapter of this new edition details some of the important tools and test methodologies used in the metallurgy field. Separate sections on nondestructive testing have been added to cover both holography and eddy current testing. Apart from simplified discussions on atomic and metal structure, an additional section on grain size measurement and x-ray diffraction has been added in second chapter. Many new sections detailing fractures, dislocations, precipitation: hardening stainless steels, nitriding, induction hardening, corrosion of metals, hardenable carbon steels, ausforming, ceramic tools, maraging steels and powder metallurgy processing techniques have been incorporated in this edition. Additional diagrams, illustrations and photomicrographs on cast iron, typical metal structures and various nonferrous microstructures have been added. Considering the growing commercial importance, an entire new section on titanium and titanium alloys have been included. The new edition comes with some major changes. Extractive metallurgy earlier covered under Chapter 17 has been replaced with an entirely new topic on Failure Analysis. This has been done since extractive metallurgy doesn’t fall under physical metallurgy. On the other hand, demand for failure analysis is growing amongst both engineers and technicians. A glossary of technical terms related to physical metallurgy has been added. Many tables representing data on commercial alloys can also found in the second edition of Introduction To Physical Metallurgy by Sidney H Avner. A few of the chapters in the book include Alloy Steels, Plastic Deformation, Cast Iron, Phase Diagrams, Powder Metallurgy,

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2008