More Details about Introduction To Optical Metrology

General Information  
Author(s)Rajpal S Sirohi
PublisherT and F CRC
Publish YearJuly 2015


Introduction to Optical Metrology examines the theory and practice of various measurement methodologies utilizing the wave nature of light. The book begins by introducing the subject of optics, and then addresses the propagation of laser beams through free space and optical systems. After explaining how a Gaussian beam propagates, how to set up a collimator to get a collimated beam for experimentation, and how to detect and record optical signals. Featuring exercise problems at the end of each chapter, Introduction to Optical Metrology provides an applied understanding of essential optical measurement concepts, techniques, and procedures.

Key Features:-

  • Discusses interferometry, speckle metrology, moiré phenomenon, photoelasticity, and microscopy
  • Describes the different principles used to measure the refractive indices of solids, liquids, and ga
  • Presents methods for measuring curvature, focal length, angle, thickness, velocity, pressure, and le
  • Details techniques for optical testing as well as for making fiber optic- and MEMS-based measurement
  • Depicts a wave propagating in the positive z-direction by ei(?t – kz), as opposed to ei(kz – ?t)