Although software development is one of the most complex activities carried out by man, sound development processes and proper project management can help ensure your software projects are delivered on time and under budget. Providing the know-how to manage software projects effectively, Introduction to Software Project Management supplies an accessible introduction to software project management. The book begins with an overview of the fundamental techniques of project management and the technical aspects of software development. This section supplies the understanding of the techniques required to mitigate uncertainty in projects and better control the complexity of software development projects. The second part illustrates the technical activities of software development in a coherent process?describing how to customize this process to fit a wide range of software development scenarios. Supplying an analysis of existing development and management frameworks, the book describes how to set up an open-source tool infrastructure to manage projects. Since practitioners must be able to mix traditional and agile techniques effectively, the book covers both and explains how to use traditional techniques for planning and developing software components alongside agile methodologies. It does so in a manner that will help you to foster freedom and creativity in assembling the processes that will best serve your needs.

Key Features:-

  • Examines project management frameworks and software development standards, including ESA and NASA gu
  • Addresses open source development practices and tools so readers can adopt best practices and get st
  • Explains how to tailor the development process to different kinds of products and formalities, inclu
  • Includes access to additional material for both practitioners and teachers at

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General Information  
Author(s)Villafiorita and Adolfo
PublisherT and F CRC
Publish YearMarch 2014