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Introduction To Sonar Systems Engineering 2Nd Edition at Meripustak

Introduction To Sonar Systems Engineering 2Nd Edition by Lawrence J Ziomek, T&F/CRC Press

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Lawrence J Ziomek
    PublisherT&F/CRC Press
    Edition2nd Edition
    Publish YearAugust 2022


    T&F/CRC Press Introduction To Sonar Systems Engineering 2Nd Edition by Lawrence J Ziomek

    An Introduction to Sonar Systems EngineeringSecond EditionImportant topics that are fundamental to the understanding of modern-day sonar systems engineering are featured. Linear, planar, and volume array theory, including near-field and far-field beam patterns, beam steering, and array focusing, are covered. Real-world arrays such as the twin-line planar array and a linear array of triplets, which are solutions to the port/starboard (left/right) ambiguity problem associated with linear towed arrays, are examined in detail.Detailed explanations of the fundamentals of side-looking (side-scan) and synthetic-aperture sonars are presented. Bistatic scattering with moving platforms is explored with derivations of exact solutions for the time delay, time-compression/time-expansion factor, and Doppler shift at a receiver for both the scattered and direct acoustic paths. Time-domain and frequency-domain descriptions, and the design of CW, LFM, and Doppler-invariant HFM pulses, are explained. Target detection in the presence of reverberation and noise is examined. Time-domain and frequency-domain descriptions of MFSK, MQAM, and OFDM underwater acoustic communication signals are also discussed.Although the book is mathematically rigorous, it is written in a tutorial style. Many useful, practical design and analysis equations for both passive and active sonar systems are derived from first principles. No major steps in the derivation of important results are skipped – all assumptions and approximations are clearly stated. Particular attention is paid to the correct units for functions and parameters. Many figures, tables, examples, and practical homework problems at the end of each chapter are included to aid in the understanding of the material covered.New to the Second EditionChapter 15 Synthetic-Aperture SonarChapter 13, Section 13.3, The Rectangular-Envelope HFM PulseChapter 10, Section 10.7, Moving Platforms, was rewritten, which allowed for the elimination of Appendix 10C from the first editionNew explanations/discussions were added to Subsections 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 in Chapter 1Appendix 1A was rewritten and the new Table 1A-1 was added to Chapter 1A solutions manual is available for adopting professors