This is a core textbook for courses in Supply Chain Management, or a supplementary text for courses in Purchasing, Materials Management, and Logistics- all in the college of business.Supply Chain Management is the culmination of discussions with procurement, logistics, and operations managers in a number of different industries. This text provides an introduction to the core tasks and challenges required to effectively manage a supply chain. This book is intended to provide students and managers with a topical discussion of what supply chains are, why they are important, and the types of challenges implicit in managing supply chains. Salient Features • This text is unique, in that it is believed to be the first textbook to describe the supply chain management strategy— the integration of the functions, information, and materials that flow across multiple organizations. • Analyzes the integration of components associated with the development of new products across multiple organizations — i.e., buying materials, transforming materials, and shipping to customers. Pg.___ • Provides an entire chapter (Chapter 5) of supply-chain management cases. • Provides an understanding of the influence of integrated supply chains on the major functional activities — • These include product design, information systems, manufacturing planning and control, inventory management, human resource development, financial planning, forecasting, sales, quality management, and many other areas. Pg.___ • • The chapters have been written concurrently with the writing of cases based on visits with leading-edge organizations implementing integrated supply chains. Pg.___ • Enables readers to understand the impact of supply chain management on the competitive success and profitability of the modern organization. Pg.___ • Enables students to understand the major challenges that lie ahead in deploying an integrated supply chain management strategy, as well as the requirements for overcoming these challenges.

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Author(s)Robert B Handfield
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearDecember 2015