More Details about Investing in Stock Markets

General Information  
Author(s)Vanita Tripathi Neeti Panwar
PublisherTaxmann Publications
Edition3rd Edition 2019
Publish YearJanuary 2019


CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)

A Comprehensive, Authentic and well Illustrated book on“Investing in Stock Markets”  Paper for Ability Enhancement Elective Course (AEEC) of B.Com. & Generic Elective in Commerce [Three Years (6-Semester)CBCS Programme of Central Universities Throughout India]
Simple and lucid presentation of the concepts, procedures and techniques of Investment in stock market.
Learning outcomes are provided in the beginning of each chapter to present a concise overview of the chapter.
The chapters are divided into numbered paragraphs for easy access and referencing.
Numerous illustrations, figures and charts to explain various concepts and processes.
Summary points are provided at the end of each chapter to recapitulate the entire concepts and procedures explained in the chapter.
Project work is provided in almost every chapter to acquaint the student with real life investment decision making and to encourage activity based learning.