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Investing in Stock Markets by Vanita Tripathi, Taxmann

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Vanita Tripathi
    Edition6th Edition 2022
    Publish YearJanuary 2022


    Taxmann Investing in Stock Markets by Vanita Tripathi

    This book is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and illustrated textbook on ‘Investing in Stock Markets’. It is written to provide the reader with the following:

    Comprehensive understanding of the investment environment
    Investment decision process
    Trading mechanism in stock markets
    It also explains the various concepts, tools, and techniques related to investment in financial assets with lively examples and suitable illustrations. The book’s focus is investment in stock markets, primarily equity shares.

    This book covers the entire syllabus prescribed for students pursuing:

    B.Com. (Hons.) Semester III Paper BCH 3.4(a) Generic Elective under CBCS Programme
    B.Com. Semester IV Paper 4.4(b) Skill Enhancement Course under CBCS Programme
    Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board
    School of Open Learning of University of Delhi
    Various Central Universities throughout India
    The Present Publication is the 6th Edition, authored by Prof. (Dr.) Vanita Tripathi & Neeti Panwar, with the following noteworthy features:

    [Simple, Systematic and Comprehensive Explanation] of the concept procedures and techniques of Investment in Stock Market
    [Learning Outcomes] Every chapter begins with a list of learning outcomes that the reader will achieve after completing the chapter. It sets the broad framework for the chapter
    [Main Text Supplemented by Illustrations & Examples] Various concepts and techniques have been explained in a lucid and well-knit manner.
    [Solved Problems] Each chapter provides a sufficient number of solved problems for better understanding and application of the concepts explained in the main text
    [Summary Points to Recapitulate the Concepts] which helps the reader to glance over the entire discussion presented in that chapter
    [Test Yourself] Every chapter provides a variety of assignments to test the reader’s knowledge. It comprises of the following:
    True/False Statements
    Theory Questions
    Numerical Problems
    [Project work] is provided to apply various concepts and techniques of investments in real life
    [Previous Year’s Question Papers] This book includes the following previous year question papers:
    B.Com. (Hon.) 2018 SEM: II General Elective In Commerce
    B.Com. (Prog.) 2018 SEM: IV Skill Enhancement Course
    B.Com. (Hon.) 2019 SEM: II General Elective In Commerce
    B.Com. (Prog.) 2019 SEM: IV Skill Enhancement Course
    Highlights of the 6th Edition are as follows:

    [Additional Theoretical Concepts & Latest Technical Tools] used in the Stock Markets
    [Role & Importance of Primary & Secondary Market] have been added in Chapter 4
    [Clearning Corporations & MSEI] have been added in Chapter 5
    [EIC Framework for Fundamental Analysis] of stock has been added in Chapter 7
    [Modern Tools for Technical Analysis] such as filter rules, Credit Balance Theory, MACD, advance-decline ratio & interactive charts have been added in chapter 8
    [Payoffs of Call & Put Options] are discussed with elaborate illustrations and diagrams in Derivative Market Chapter.
    [Data Tables, Facts & Information] have been updated in the 6th Edition of the book
    Contents of this book are as follows:

    [Basics of Investment] is introduced by Chapter 1
    [Risk & Returns] Chapter 2 trains about the following:
    Risk and return analysis
    Measurement of risk and return
    Comparison of various alternative investment choices posed to an investor
    [Trading in Securities] The focus of Chapter 3 is on Online Trading, which is gaining popularity in India
    [Indian Securities Market] is discussed in Chapter 4
    [Stock Exchanges] Chapter 5 provides a comprehensive overview of stock exchanges in India, including NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI, etc.
    [Derivatives Market] Chapter 6 discusses the derivatives market and its instrument such as forwards, futures, options, etc.
    [Fundamental & Technical Analysis] After creating this solid theoretical base, Chapters 7 and 8 aim to inculcate analytical knowledge amongst the readers by deliberating upon tools of fundamental analysis and technical analysis
    [Introduction & Investing in Mutual Funds] is discussed in Chapters 9 & 10
    [Previous Exam Question Papers] Latest University examination question papers have been added for ready reference by students during exam preparation