More Details about Italian Design

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Publish YearAugust 2008


Italy enjoys a reputation earned by centuries of devotion to aesthetics. Many key figures of the development of architecture were Italians from Filippo Brunelleschi and Marcus Vitruvius to Andrea Palladio, not to forget Michelangelo. Nowadays the list of internationally renowned Italian architects is somewhat shorter and most of those architects' work is located outside the country. For example the Centre Pompidou in France by Renzo Piano. Italian architecture has become more international also due to younger architects who have studied and worked abroad. Other architects like Fabio Novembre have specialized on interior architecture with groundbreaking designs. In this field Italy still reigns supreme as shown every year at the International Furniture Show in Milan. Italian Design presents about 50 outstanding architectural and design projects related to avant-garde and tradition in terms of assessment of identity and Mediterranean inheritance. An index with contact information of the architects and designers is enclosed.