Everything you neeed to know about Java and Web Programming. Java, the revolutionary new programming environment from San Microsystems, is bringing new levels of interactivity to the World Wide Web. With its powerful animation, multimedia, and interactive capabilities, Java offers a flexible and powerful Internet programming language. This definitive guide--written by one of the world's foremost Java experts and founder of the original Java team at Sun--will show you precisely what Java can do and how to use it. In The Java Handbook, you'll learn how to program in Java to create the executable content that brings your Web pages to life. This is a comprehensive handbook which starts with the basics, and then provides detailed coverage of every important aspect of Java programming, including: a primer on object-oriented programming and a detailed discussion of Java Language constructs; complete coverage of all Java Developer's Kit 1.0 class libraries; lessons on advanced Java features such as multi-threading, networking, and GUI programming; working code examples for creating interactive Web page elements such as animation, continuously updated displays, sound, and client/server networked applications.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 1996