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JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing Connections In Your Data

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    Author(s)John Wubbel
    PublisherWiley India
    Publish YearNovember 2018


    Wiley India JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing Connections In Your Data by John Wubbel

    John Wubbel is a Data Science Software Engineer who has been using SAS JMP for the last ten years in the life science pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of vaccines. Recently, John has been modeling and structuring data for Artificial Intelligence methods and Machine Learning algorithms with an emphasis on the idea that data mining a smart graph database will provide more precise and cleaner data sets as inputs for analysis in JMP. Currently, John applies his skills working with structured data in Graph Database Systems for advanced analytics. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Chapter 1 Generalized Context for Decision Process Improvement 1.1 Situational Assessment (Current State) 1.2 Problem Statement 1.3 Visualizing State Transition 1.4 Metrics On-Demand Chapter 2 Real-Time Metrics Business Case 2.1 Project Description and Objectives--A Case Study 2.2 Solution Description 2.3 Cost and Benefit Analysis 2.4 Financial Assessment 2.5 Implementation Timeline 2.6 Critical Assumptions and Risk Assessment 2.7 Recommendations: Transmigrate the Enterprise Chapter 3 Technical Details and Practical Implementation 3.1 Hardware Foundations 3.2 Solution Stack 3.3 Integration of Hardware and Software Infrastructure 3.4 Build Out 3.5 The Construction of a Metric 3.6 Metric Case Study Chapter 4 Harvesting Benefits and Extensibility 4.1 Benefits Example 4.2 Extensibility 4.3 Configuration Management Version Control Chapter 5 So What About a Bad Economy? 5.1 Overachievement--Data Virtualization 5.2 JMP Connection as the Universal Server 5.3 Well-Formed Data 5.4 Linked Data Chapter 6 Decision Streams Chapter 7 Delivery and Presentations 7.1 Push Versus Pull Delivery 7.2 Presentation 7.3 DIY, But Leave the Poor Bi Person Alone! 7.4 Advanced Presentation Method Chapter 8 In Closing (As-Built) Glossary Appendix A Server-Side PHP Code Appendix B JMP JSL Time Constant Learning Curve Script Appendix C JMP GUI User Interface Code Example Appendix D Resource Description Framework File Example Appendix E Sample Hardware Requirements Appendix F Early Warning Deliverable Appendix G JMP PRO Connections: The Transversality of the Capability Maturity Model G.1 Tangential Concept G.2 Transversal Concept G.3 Univariate to Multivariate Process Control G.4 JMP Process Screening G.5 Transversal Maturity Space in Relation to JMP PRO Features G.6 Summary References Suggested Reading Index