More Details about Java Concurrency in Practice

General Information  
Author(s)Brian Goetz and David Holmes and Doug Lea and Tim Peierls and Joshua Bloch and Joseph Bowbeer
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearSeptember 2016


This book is a combination of concepts, guidelines, and examples intended to assist developers in the difficult process of understanding concurrency and its new tools in J2SE 5.0. Filled with contributions from Java gurus such as Josh Bloch, David Holmes and Doug Lea, this book provides any Java programmers with the basic building blocks they need to gain a basic understanding ofconcurrency and its benefits. Salient Features Powerhouse author team with contributions from Doug Lea, Josh Bloch and David Holmes A practical, hands-on, example-driven guide for every working Java programmer Based on J2SE 5.0 which includes many new concurrency features that make concurrency development much more accesible (and necessary)"