More Details about Javascript And Jquery For Data Analysis And Visualization

General Information  
Author(s)Raasch and Jon and Murray and Graham Et Al
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2015


Go beyond design concepts and use the power and flexibility of modern JavaScript and jQuery to analyze and present data vibrantly and visually. Key techniques and tools are explained in step–by–step directions that enable you to bring numbers to life, while real–world examples illustrate how to use these skills in workplace applications. Dive into the core JavaScript and jQuery libraries, learn to identify the stories your data can tell, and create cost–effective visualizations. The companion website contains all sample code, data sets, and links to the libraries and other resources.

Key Features:-

  • Enables you to create best–of–breed visualizations using the preferred web programming language
  • Provides in–depth information about core JavaScript and jQuery libraries used for analysis and visua
  • Examines assorted visualization approaches and techniques
  • Demonstrates how to use JavaScript for analyzing and manipulating data
  • Offers detailed, step–by–step instructions for building specific types of data visualizations
  • Shows how to develop interactive analysis and visualization projects