More Details about Jigeesha’s Indian Polity and Governance for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations

General Information  
PublisherLexis Nexis
Publish YearJanuary 2015


Jigeesha’s Indian Polity & Governance is a comprehensive book designed for UPSC aspirants preparing for the preliminary examinations. The text is divided into four parts—The Constitution of India, Short Notes on Constitution of India, Quick Review Sheets, and Question Bank. Beginning with the Preamble, the Constitution of India covers the various Parts, Articles, and Schedules of the Indian Constitution with the latest amendments. The second part provides information related to recent SC rulings and changes in the various policies and acts. The Quick Review Sheets, as the name signifies, are a quick read and recall tool to facilitate last-minute revision. Finally, the Question Bank provides a set of 25 tests along with answer keys. Beginning with the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner, all topics are handled in a comprehensive manner. This will allow the reader ample opportunity to grasp the concepts and practise applicative techniques in a focused manner. The book is a complete course in specific topics, and will help the aspirant to prepare for any changes in format, or in question types, in the actual examination. 

Key Features 
• Features the various latest rulings of Supreme court in the form of short notes 
• Presents comparative studies and distinction tables on topics such as fundamental rights and directive principles, writ jurisdiction of Supreme Court and High Court, and prime ministerial vs cabinet form of government 
• Provides about 85 previous years’ questions, as part of the topic-wise Quick Review Sheets, from high-importance topics, with year-wise tagging, along with answer keys 
• Includes a question bank comprising 25 tests along with answer keys (750 questions) 
• Includes solved questions on Indian polity and governance from the 2015 CS preliminary examination