More Details about Joint Mobilization Manipulation Extremity And Spinal Techniques 3rd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)S Edmond
PublisherElsevier Science
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearFebruary 2016


Clear, step-by-step guidelines show how to perform Physical Therapy procedures! Joint Mobilization/Manipulation: Extremity and Spinal Techniques, 3rd Edition is your go-to resource for evidence-based Interventions treating conditions of the spine and extremities. New full-color photos and illustrations show detail with added realism, and 192 online videos demonstrate the major techniques described in the book. Written by rehabilitation and movement sciences educator Susan Edmond, this text provides current, complete information ranging from the principles of examination and evaluation to making effective manual therapy interventions.Guidelines to the examination of joint play of the spine include current, evidence-based research. Coverage of osteokinematic and arthrokinematic motion, and degrees of freedom, provides perspective on the body planes.

Key Features:-

  • Illustrated descriptions of joint mobilizations make procedures easy to understand and then perform.
  • Unique focus on spine and extremities provides an all-in-one resource for essential information.
  • Contraindications, precautions, and indications are included for each joint mobilization to reinforc
  • Clearly labeled photos show the direction of force for each therapy technique.
  • Evidence-based information at the beginning of each chapter provides the latest research and rationa
  • Cervical Spine chapter includes mobilization techniques such as Paris cervical gliding, Grade V (thr