More Details about Jurisprudence Explained

General Information  
Author(s)Hijam N K Singh
PublisherUniversal Law Publishing an imprint of LexisNexis
Edition2nd Edition 2016
Publish YearAugust 2016


Jurisprudence Explained 2e is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law in different law education institutes. It covers the nature of law, sources of law, legal concepts like Duty, Rights, wrongs, liability, possession, ownership, and person. Different schools of thought on the subject of jurisprudence including the Analytical, Historical, Functional, Sociological, Philosophical school have been duly explained in this book. All relevant cases along with their reasoning have been provided to explain the concepts better and also to bring clarity in the understanding of the subject. This book is a good reference for academicians as well as judges and lawyers.