There are three kinds of employees: Some are Saints; they're always accountable. Some are Sinners; they're never accountable. But most are Save-ables; sometimes they make good choices, sometimes they don't. What makes the difference? Leadership without Excuses has the answers. Jeff Grimshaw and Gregg Baron help you put an end to the Save-ables' poor choices and excuse-making-and convert them into Saints. The secret is to communicate clear and credible expectations, create compelling consequences, and lead conversations grounded in reality. In order to save the Save-ables, you need to: Boost the Clarity and Credibility of Your High Expectations, Reward What You Want to See More of-and Stop Tolerating What You Don't, Promote Personal Ownership While Stretching Your People, Tap into Hidden Sources of Motivation, Use Your Authority Effectively- But Wisely, Treat Mistakes As Intellectual Capital, Prevent Excuses Before They Happen. There's no excuse for putting up with excuses. Leadership without Excuses is for anyone who actually wants to do something about it. It's the definitive guide to taking excuses out of the system and creating an environment where accountability and performance are consistently high. With this game-changing guide, you'll stop the excuses in their tracks and put your team on the path to success. Find out more at

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Author(s)Grimshaw and Jeff
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2010