In most boardrooms today, the pressure to continuously shrink the distance from gross revenue to net operating profit and consistently improve ROIC is acute. Many have realized and many more are beginning to realize that a well-integrated and managed supply chain is a major driver of continuously improving results. Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations clearly defines how to achieve and maintain a supply chain leadership position by focusing on real-world execution and detailed integration of specific actions and process techniques. These distinguished experts and accomplished authors have gathered the nuggets of success from many international firms and combined them into a winning formula, not available in other books, that has been achieved by the select few. This unique, how to guide brings the opportunities within the sub-processes of procurement and supply management into focus and includes both the hard side and soft side of the continuous process transformation. The practical concepts, deployment examples and illustrations are explained with precision for ease of understanding and are tailored for application to any business environment. This no-fluff book will put money in your company coffers. In most companies, the effort to improve supply chain results has been short lived, incomplete, or sub-optimized. The most common reason is the lack of a clear understanding of what they really need to do, specifically line of sight linkage of the enterprise in the transformation process efforts to customers and shareholders. Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations provides a credible integrated roadmap to extended supply chain and enterprise engagement and sustainable optimized business results. It is a must read for executives, consultants and managers in all types of operations management roles and is suitable for advanced academic courses as well.

Key Features:-

  • Details how to transform your supply management operation into a world-class performer
  • Shows how to assess your firm's existing procurement and supply management situation prior to beginn
  • Instructs how to develop a five to ten year vision of what "world-class "really means to your organi
  • Covers identification of key business success factors and how to link them to processes
  • Discusses how to roll long-range initiatives into the strategic business plan and integrate them int
  • Specifies how to develop and execute the deployment and communication plans of advanced supply manag

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General Information  
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2014