The present work, which was originally published in seven volumes and is now proposed to be published in three, is an all-comprehensive treatise on the ‘Art of Advocacy’. The third volume now issued is entitled “Legal & Professional Ethics—Legal Ethics, Duties & Privileges of a Lawyer”. Chapter on "Glimpses of Professional Misconduct" in the present edition would, no doubt, be a caution especially to junior members at the Bar from many a pitfall in the course of their professional career. It would be simply repetition of the truth to say that the learned author had taken immense trouble and patience in compiling the matter from different sources thus making the book a unique and of superb utility for both the Bench and the Bar. It has been the aim of the authors to collect in this short volume the experiences of some of the great and successful advocates in the East and the West. They have refrained as far as possible, from laying down rules and principles at any great length. Wherever any such principles have to be enunciated, they have been done so by citing them in the choice words of the best and acknowledged writers on the subject. But they have preferred imparting instruction by illustrations rather than by exposition. The present literature is a great service to the members of the profession to bring together and exhibit “the principles and methods adopted by the acknowledged masters of the art of advocacy with illustrations from well-known cases.

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Author(s)P Ramanatha Aiyar
PublisherLexis Nexis
Publish YearJanuary 2003