Leisure Services Management prepares students for the challenges they'll face as entry-level recreation and leisure managers. The book outlines the essential knowledge and skills that successful managers need to have and helps students build those competencies by encouraging them to think as managers. The text's activities, projects, and examples help students connect the competencies to real-world situations. Leisure Services Management begins by presenting a firm foundation of competency-based management theory. Students will learn what management is, what the manager's role is, and how their work affects their agency and their customers. They will also explore specific management areas such as marketing, financial management, human resources, employee development, communication, and evaluation. Throughout the text students will be encouraged to apply their own experiences to the concepts being discussed to deepen their understanding of the profession. For each chapter, the authors provide experiential learning activities that simulate real on-the-job situations. Each of the activities asks students to assume one of the many roles of a new manager. They'll learn to deal with day-to-day management activities by completing work assignments and projects similar to those they'll assume as a manager. The activities will help students develop the competencies they'll need in order to meet the challenges of this evolving field.

Key Features:-

  • A competency scorecard that will help students gauge their progress as they work through the text
  • Numerous examples drawn from the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors in the United States and
  • Unique "A Day in the Life" sidebars in each chapter, which relay the stories of new managers current
  • Practical, real-world activities and projects that reinforce concepts and encourage a managerial min
  • Review questions useful for analyzing and applying content
  • A running glossary for quick reference to new terminology within the text

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General Information  
PublisherHuman Kinetics
Publish YearJanuary 2008