Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid and State Legal Services Authority adheres to the syllabus of the undergraduate law courses of all major universities and law institutes. This book is part of the Quick Reference Guide: Q&A Series designed as a study aid for law students with a clear objective of assisting students in their examination preparation. Further, it deals with the most important topics in a comprehensive manner.

The text covers the important topics of lawyering such as, functions of lawyering, demerits of lawyering system in India, ‘locus standi’ versus public interest litigation, criticism against public interest litigation, public interest litigation on environmental, water and noise pollution issues. The book also covers topics of legal aid and its scope, committees on legal aid, recommendations of Justice Bhagwati on legal aid, Justi ce V R Krisha Iyer’s report on legal aid, provisions for legal aid, model scheme for legal aid programme.

Lastly, the book covers topics like functions of central authority, constitution and functions of district authorities, entitlement to legal services, importance of legal literacy, lok adalat and its functions, important decisions of Supreme Court on legal aid and lok adalat, importance of law journals, law office management, use of computers in legal work.

Key Features
• Contains around 40 short and essay questions and answers focusing on quick conceptual clarity, and over 80 important cases which may be expected in examinations
• Answers are supplemented with numerous judgments, case law and citations
• Helps students to prepare for exams and enhances their answer-writing skills by providing comprehensive and to-the-point answers
• Presents topics in question and answer format, as a tool in last - minute rapid revision
• Provides frequently-asked questions based on previous years’ question papers from major universities in the form of essay questions, short questions and important cases

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General Information  
Author(s)Rosedar S R A
PublisherLexis Nexis
Edition2nd Edition 2016
Publish YearJuly 2016